5 stars. We love Four Paws Gourmet! We visited them today in Eau Claire during our dog show and sampled all kinds of new things! I love seeing their passion for dogs and pleasing the tastebuds of our furry friends! We visit them at all of the dog shows we attend and always have a great experience! Thanks for letting Zeke sample so many things today!
— Tracy Doheny Erickson, via Facebook
5 stars. AMAZING!!! The best dog treat vendor setup at a dog event I have ever encountered. Endless variety of choices, generous availability of samples, very knowledgeable about products and recommendations. Will buy from again and again!
— Chris West, via Facebook
I gave your salmon training treats to a friend who has a husky that is a very picky eater. Her dog loved the treats!
— Jackie Alschuler, via Facebook

Bully sticks basics: learn why ours are the best

What exactly is a bully stick and what makes Four Paws Gourmet's bully sticks better than other dog chews? Watch our short video and learn more about our bully sticks and visit us at www.TreatsByFourPawsGourmet.com to see our collection.

see our complete flavor line of dog training treats

This video shows our current menu of exotic, unique dog treats and cookies. We use only human grade meats with no preservatives or animal byproducts. We love our dog as much as you love yours and our products reflect that.

Great summer tip to Help your dog beat the heat

Help your dog beat the heat with these cool treats!

Bath Day: Don't Run Out of Four Paws Gourmet

Four Paws Gourmet Training Treats are great rewards for good dogs... but don't run out of them, as in this "Bath Day" video. You can order your treats, antlers or chews in our "Shop" section.  

A special thanks for Tank, who was such a good doggie during filming... he had our Rabbit with Blueberry treats to reward him for being such a good boy.